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150lb Home Gym For Hire

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  • 150lb Home Gym For Hire

    150lb Home Gym Hire - Get Fit & Strong the safe way at home! Our home gym rentals can be customised to suit your needs.

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    Select Hire Period
    4 Week Hire $179
    12 Week Hire $329
    24 Week Hire $549
    Purchase Ex-Hire Model from $599

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    4, 12 or 24 Wks $39
    Outside Metro $49
    Priority Delivery $79

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    SKU: HG150
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    Our 150lb Home Gym Hire Set Includes :

    15 x 10lb Weight Plates
    Lat Pull Down (high pulley)
    Seated Row (low pulley)
    Vertical Bench Press
    Pec Dec
    Seated Leg Extension
    Standing Hamstring Curl

    + as many exercises at you can imagine using the host of attachments these gyms come with!

    Strict delivery protocols exist with hiring of our home gyms.  These gyms are delivered assembled and ready to use.  Because of this, we require:
    • NO Stairs
    • Double door access
    • NO Hallways or tight turns
    We take all care in the delivery of our gym and fitness equipment, so if you're interested in hiring a home gym in Melbourne, feel free to ask any questions and we'll be happy to work with you to make sure we can get the gym where you want to use it!

    Thats what you would expect from Melbourne fitness equipment hire specialists.

    Return Policy

    If you feel you've made a wrong decision with what you've hired, we'd like to know about it.  We want you to get results, so if you're not enjoying what you're using, let us know and we can upgrade or swap you over to something that might be more suitable.

    We all know you're more likely to get the results you are after if you are enjoying the workout your are putting yourself through, so please, if you want to swap your item for something else, call us and let us know!

    We might have to charge a small change over fee, otherwise we'll apply your unused hire time as a pro-rata against the new item of your choice!  Simple!

    We can also pickup ahead of your hire expiry date, however we don't refund for unused periods of hire.

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