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On Site Service

On-site Equipment Service

  • On Site Service

    Equipment works best when it's correctly maintained! Not sure how? Simply ask us to help!

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    We offer on-site servicing of all fitness equipment.  Please note this is not a repair service.  Fitness equipment works best if it is correctly maintained and serviced.

    Typical servicing includes:

    • lubricating of running belts and moving joints
    • check, tighten and align running and drive belts
    • check & tighten all structural bolts
    • clean and vacuum motor and circuit board compartments
    • check and adjust stability levels
    • check cable and pulley alignment
    • test battery strength
    • ensure correct working order
    If your equipment an error or fault, we also offer a repair service which can be estimated by phone or email, however repairs are usually done after a thorough technican's report which is not done on site.  To pick up your equipment, assess and quote for repair typically costs $149.00.

    Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any further quesitons!

    Return Policy

    If you feel you've made a wrong decision with what you've hired, we'd like to know about it.  We want you to get results, so if you're not enjoying what you're using, let us know and we can upgrade or swap you over to something that might be more suitable.

    We all know you're more likely to get the results you are after if you are enjoying the workout your are putting yourself through, so please, if you want to swap your item for something else, call us and let us know!

    We might have to charge a small change over fee, otherwise we'll apply your unused hire time as a pro-rata against the new item of your choice!  Simple!

    We can also pickup ahead of your hire expiry date, however we don't refund for unused periods of hire.

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